Updates From Past Speakers - Vol. 1

Those who have graced the TEDxGatewayArch stage over the years have been some of the most influential, inspiring, and industry-leading folks in our region. What have our past speakers been up to? Well let me tell you...



Theresa Carrington and The Blessing Basket won an award from the United Nations. READ MORE

Watch Theresa's TEDx talk "Where Purpose Begins"  and hear how how this project came to be. WATCH




Pokey LaFarge made his acting debut this spring in the CMT drama “Sun Records,” where he portrays singer Hank Snow. READ MORE

Watch Pokey's TEDx talk and musical performance "Evolving Through Preservation"  and hear about the history of American music, then sing along to 'Central Time'. WATCH



Did you know Cbabi Bayoc's artwork was used on the cover a Prince album? READ MORE

Bayoc and his wife also run SweetArt, a bakery-cafe and art studio at 2203 South 39th Street. CHECK IT OUT

See his TEDx talk empowering black fathers. WATCH

Listen & watch him on the podcast MichMash with Mich Hancock, CoFounder of TEDxGatewayArch. PODCAST


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