Where Purpose Begins

Theresa Carrington shares her inspiring story of the Blessing Basket Project; how it came to be and how it is changing the lives of people in poverty across the world. 

Theresa Carrington is the CEO of the Blessing Basket Project. The Blessing Basket Project is a certified nonprofit organization with one mission: lift the artisans they serve out of poverty. They pay their artisans a Prosperity Wage, which is significantly beyond fair trade, in fact more than anyone else in the world. www.blessingbasket.org


Listen to Theresa on the MichMash Podcast, hosted by TEDxGatewayArch Co-Founder, Mich Hancock. Listen Here 

April 26, 2016: US-Based Organization "The Blessing Basket Project" Receives The Intercultural Innovation Award For Their Technology Engaging Artisans With Customers


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