I've Become a TEDx Tourist

Since the inception of TEDx in 2009 there have been over 10,000 local events held all around the globe.  Last weekend I went to Tennessee to attend my fifth out of town TEDx event and it was a blast.

In any given month there are hundreds of TEDx events being held all around the world and each has a different feel and flavor.


At TEDxGatewayArch in St. Louis we host one large event every year, drawing large and engaged crowds.  The problem is unless your willing to be adventurous and do a little traveling and you miss the big event, you have to wait another year for that "mind disruptive day."  Looking to further disrupt and grow my own thinking, I took part of my weekend to travel to Nashville to see how they do things.  As a TEDx organizer, there are 'best practices' that I'm looking for as I attend, but this time around it struck me—"Why are more people not doing this same thing?"


It's an understatement to say Nashville has something of a music scene, and TEDx did not disappoint as they had lots of music presented.   For those who have had a chance to attend a TEDx event, you know there are always a couple of "mental" nuggets that you get from the talks - check!  It is like a vacation/message for your brain and TEDxNashville did a great job of getting me refreshed and out of my comfort zone.

While there are no listing on TripAdvisor for TEDx (though there should be) I do have one other site that is always interesting as you go on an adventure of mind/body... AtlasObscura.com - Check it out for every city you have the chance to visit:


The mind is malleable as long as you continue to exercise it.  Experiences are cumulative as long as you continue to pursue them.  Your thinking can expand and opportunities present themselves, as long as you occasionally give yourself a little disruption.

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