2017 Open Auditions are now closed.
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TEDxGatewayArch is looking for innovators and trailblazers, especially in the fields of technology, entertainment and design to give a TEDx talk at our next event.  We are looking for speakers who are passionate, engaging and have the ability to tell a compelling story.  Speakers must also have an intrinsic connection to St. Louis. We will be choosing 2-3 speakers to participate in our flagship event late October 2017.

We look for two distinct types speakers:

  1. Learners & Thinkers
  2. Creators & Doers

Learners & Thinkers would be described as people who:

  • are an expert (passionate) in their field, breaking new ground;
  • can bring us a new (surprising) idea or can challenge a belief with a new argument;
  • bring evidence or observations helping us draw a larger conclusion.


Creators & Doers would be described people who:

  • are leading artists, technologists, performers, or designers;
  • can share their work or give us a window into what’s being done in their discipline;
  • more about sharing their discipline or big project than a “big idea”;
  • create technology demos and highly visual presentations.


The selection committee will avoid subjects that are political, religious or are based on faulty science. We are not interested in ‘great public speakers’ doing their canned talk on stage. We want more of “I didn’t know that was happening here” or “Look what they’ve done/discovered”.

Determination will be made with the intention of creating an inclusive and equitable community of thought leaders.  We want the audience to discover the innovation that is happening in this region, be inspired by people doing cool things in other fields and ask 'what can I do that will make a difference'.

Audition Information:

  • You may submit for yourself or nominate another speaker
  • Maximum of 30 applicants will be accepted to audition based on application synopsis and expertise
  • You will be notified by May 6, 2017 if you have been selected to audition
  • Auditions will take place on May 13, 2017 from 10am-2pm (please save this date in the event you are selected) at KDHX radio, 3524 Washington Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103


Each person will have THREE MINUTES to present his or her idea without the aid of A/V equipment (but you can describe proposed graphics).

  • Please come prepared to deliver an ‘elevator pitch’ of your idea along with a quick review of your background
  • Stage presence and ability to relate a concise and engaging idea will be weighed heavily


Form closed at 11:59pm April 21, 2017